Be the change!

Hi everybody! I am Daniel and I am a freelancer currently situated in Finland.

I am the founder and sole responsible of 2k’s ProWritings. The idea started along with a project I am working on at school. I have a passion for content writing and I want to share it with the world. I have a sensitive side for traveling and food but also cycling and disc golfing. So, my focus is on the outdoor sport, travelling and the healthy food industry. I am very consistent and clear when I write so I can be understandable, entertaining and with valuable approach to the customer. I decided to turn those skills into professional work and help others that want creative and out-of-the-box written content for their businesses, websites, blogs or any written matter my potential customer (YOU) wants to work on. I am a new writer very eager and persuasive. Writing for me means stories, self-expression, and creating value between the customer and you.