Complications for students in corona time

Oxford Language dictionary defines “complication” as “a thing that is hard to accomplish, deal with, or understand” and in my personal humble opinion it certainly summarizes my post. But, let’s take it back a little bit… January 2020 I applied for a Bachelor degree program in a university of applied sciences here in Finland in the field of business. A few months after my application I received the decision and fortunately I was accepted to start my studies in August 2020 and they will last until December 2023. Of course, the pandemic didn’t have the “publicity” and the “fatality” it has now one year afterwards. So, my mind could have not imagined the situation we are going through now as students. I am a freshman now in a new school/university and not having the possibility to meet my teachers, visit my school facilities, interact with my fellow students and maybe work colleagues in later life, feel the anxiety of standing in front of people, working together in groups to achieve your goals, learn from one another and having that feeling of being behind a desk sharing your thoughts and ideas with the rest of the class. Most of those I have described are not functional right now and maybe one or two you are getting half the cake.

I had the luck to move in Finland way before the situation excavated so at least I am in the same country and city my university is operating. However, most of my fellow students are not even at the same continent. This university program I am in and a lot of others in Finland, is in English resulting in many people around the world to study in these programs, people from third-world countries or “underdeveloped” ones, wanting to search a better education system abroad. For those people I took the inspiration to share my post today. They participate in every online lecture the school has despite their technical difficulties, job obligations or family commitments. I really admire their will and strength of commitment to the classes with not even a taste of feeling as a student abroad would have. Sometimes people forget about somebody’s status in life and under which circumstances they study. For many this is not a fair game. Schools in Finland of course have provided all the tools for those that are very far away from place of the university and honorably they have done a very good job and we mustn’t forget that they only had one summer to figure out with the government’s instructions how the next semester(s) or school year(s) will carry on so hats-off to them.

Going back to the complications, students, starting in a new university not being able to be here is a killing blow. Imagine getting the job career you have ever dreamed of, abroad to a new country with different culture, way of life, mindset and climate (sounds exciting, right?), and you are supposed to start sometime in the future and a few weeks before you start they call you and tell you – Hi, we decided to turn your department into a remote job. Or even telling you -Hi, turns out we filled the position with somebody else (maybe somebody local). That is how I felt weeks before starting my studies. I knew I was starting in the university months before but the situation along the way prepared me for this remote-studies decision few weeks before. Eventually, now nearly at the end of the fall semester I couldn’t be anymore thankful for the work my school and teachers have put into not losing the whole year instead continue as (the new) normal and working through days and nights and even weekends for the students to not feel alienated within a new experience and study place.

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Some thoughts on Entrepreneurship

After two lectures this week both referencing on entrepreneurship, it gave me the idea that it is something huge and a great deal to start with. Understanding the meaning of entrepreneurship is difficult.

The idea though to start something that is your own and gives you the flexibility and the freedom to move around without having to give anyone reports is intriguing. When I started researching a bit more, I found out that there are more pros than cons. Sure, there are a lot of obstacles that may fall before you and you need to think about the future before every step but those are part of this meaning. The freedom of movement will give you time and with the right time management skills you will be able to cope with a lot of work that will surely be in your way.

Regarding freedom, if the object of your new start-up allows it you can also do remote work. Working from anywhere you like is the future. Remote work in our days is key to keep a business running, to have the products/services on track and running and still making profit even if you are not in your natural place. Also, something that will also keep you motivated is that you get to be the boss of you. You get to decide everything and anything in ways you want, and you think is better for your start-up and with that in mind you get to work for you and nobody else anymore. How to make money should always be in our mind when we want to start-up a new business.

If you drive it to success you will make more money than your standard job as an employee of someone else. But first there are some skill you need to acquire before and during the process of entrepreneurship. Most important of all is passion. You need to have passion for the business idea, passion for the work and the journey you are about to embark and having passion results in motivation.

Another thing is creativity, the ability to make your product or service unique to stand out from the competition and not be afraid to get competitive. In addition, you need to be open-minded for other people’s opinion and ideas and how to apply those ideas in your business. With all that you must be persistent and not to be afraid to fail because that is how you will learn how to better at what you do.

Lastly, for the question if I could be an entrepreneur, is that I’m unsure right now because I’m missing the most important and that is passion.

Is "Friendship" over-rated?

A lot of time has passed since my last interaction with the blog but, I came across a really interesting conversation between a couple who are 9 years together since high-school and as a couple they spent a lot of time together after work, doing activities and stuff.

A little history about the couple: as I wrote before they are together since school, they are about the same age and they have pretty much similar interests. They moved out from their birth country after living there 25 years, to start a new life which it will be their own and only their own. So far so good as they say, they keep on moving forward. We merely discussed about why this decision to leave from the safeness and their comfort zone to something unknown and challenging for their young age.

We talked a lot, but what struck me was that the guy told this phrase “I believe that friendship as an general idea and concept is over-rated”. He stated the simplest of thoughts “Can someone TRULY close to you be happy 100% for YOUR success? Jealousy is not part of the equation. You get jealous, you lose”. I believe also that jealousy is the main reason for a friendships downfall. If you can’t or won’t be happy for your friend then why be with him at all?! I want to state here that we are talking about close friendships and no just regular friends.

True close friends are hard to find.

It’s no that different than relationships, you also need to build a foundation and start building by sharing “bricks of” experiences, thoughts and bad moments, a friend through the high and the lows! I’ve seen myself but never experienced the true closeness of friendship! But, now over years the same persons that I’ve known to be close friends are now not close anymore and it really got me thinking “Were they truly friends after all? ” because I think that close friendship is eternal, nothing can break it!

And, to get back to my starting point of this discussion, did they really were close friends and if so, did at some point one of them were jealous and he didn’t really care living that closeness? I myself am very committed and I just can’t seem to get why serious friendships are broken and that’s were I think to myself that friendship is ultimately over-rated. On my discussion with the couple, we summarized that of course there are friendships that last but they are the minority and one to thousand chances to have one.

The $1 Rule

Recently I came across a very enlightening video, which it came down to this quote “If you don’t do something for one dollar then don’t do it for even a thousand dollars” which at first stunned me. My mind started flashback at all those jobs or things I did because they were paying right and I freaked out.
I should have done things that fulfilled me and not having cared if they give something back as an exchange. That’s something we all need to consider when we are living, in order to have a life that fills us with emotions, happiness and calmness.
I mean it makes sense right?! Why would you do something that pays you back a thousand and you wouldn’t do it for the slimmest of money?
But, if you reading this and you are on the other side, please don’t get discouraged. We all did something for sometime that we didn’t like but we did it despite our liking! In my opinion and in my experience to find yourself doing something that you really really like you must learn to respect it by doing something you don’t like at first.
If you don’t hit rock bottom and then build the foundation you need and then reach the peak of your emotions, you won’t savor the greatness of yours. In the end, it’s all about us and nobody else. To get through the rock bottom mentioned before, we need to stay focused on our goals and dreams.
Keep strong that willingness to shine and the path to a better  place will show up for itself. Well, there is gonna be always obstacles on your way, just remember the reason you started dreaming! Remember the promise you made to your self! Success comes with hard work:

“It’s not about the destination, it’s all about the journey”

A Smile Goes a Long Way

        You definitely have heard about smiling and all the benefits it has considering our mental health and also that we always look good when we are smiling. Try to imagine for just a second your worst day (when everything is really messed up), then add a moment when you are smiling for something funny you heard or when you look back to something funny you experienced or a funny moment with your friends seating in a table having a laugh. Or even when you try to cheer yourself up with a smile. Then this standalone moment, this precious moment, will be your relief of that worst day you are having.
Everything else will just have to be erased from that day and stick to that moment when you gave yourself a break ,to have a laugh, to understand that everything is just moments in life and we should keep only the ones that makes us happy and learn from the bad ones to emerge stronger mentally and keeping ourselves intact!

        A smile goes a long way, a phrase you will hear also in the business world. It never hurt anybody to smile or to smile to others. There is nothing more satisfying to pass your positiveness to others with only just a smile and a simple gesture.This will also fill your happiness bar and prolong your life scientifically approved.
Even though we are not a morning person or we had a bad sleep and we woke up on the wrong side of the bed or we had a a really long hard day and before we go home we stop at a grocery store to buy some stuff, we can easily make up our day AND also the cashier’s, who’s still working and he has a few hours left before he can go to his home and relax from a very long day. So why wouldn’t we flash a smile for the common good.
Next time consider that when you are feeling down and you will see yourself growing as a better person and start making people happier and more positive and all that with only just a SMILE.

Taking the first step

Have you ever felt that life is just slipping away from you and that everything just feeling numb nowadays? Losing interest in anything and everything? Is panic showing up too? CALM DOWN! Read the next lines carefully and don’t forget to use the simple calming solution of breathing in and breathing out. Start focusing on the opposite things of that, that makes you feeling happy,the things that simply  make you smile! Start also by writing down one by one the jobs or obligations you might have. No-no, not the things you have to do to others or for others but the jobs and obligations you have to yourself. It’s always a nice thing to do, to help others with anything the might want but we sometimes get sucked into that situation and we start feeling that we always need to satisfy people and all those around us. Do that for too long and you will start feeling depressed. I’ve been there, for TOO long. When you are brave enough to realize that and you start saying NO for a change then you will turn out as the bad guy to everyone even at those who where a little bit more close to you all this time. You have to remember that the human being is a greedy thing and the things we want the most is the things we don’t own or possess and people sometimes will try to take from you something that they don’t have and take advantage of it. Think about it. Don’t let them be in charge of your life. You and only you are the decider and as a result the critic of your actions. Achieve that and you will have taken the first step to a life suited better to your personality and of course to happiness! Start living 😀