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Did you know that we produce high-quality metal parts for industrial use? All our parts are custom-made according to your specifications and requirements.

We also value your time and money so much, that our machines are capable of manufacturing parts fast, with attention to detail, and at a low cost!

Who wouldn’t want that?

Our very skillful and creative team handles your inquiries with precision and detail. Whatever you dream or need we can make it happen! That simple!

Our services include turning, milling, bending, welding, and laser cutting. These are done manually or with CNC technology.
You can check out our webpage for further details and contact us to discuss how we can help you best! [Link here]

Looking for a place to develop your skills and master your productivity while still working in a friendly environment that thinks and works as a whole?

[A company] is a company that dominates the metal and pallet machine industry in the country and is looking forward to growing globally. That’s why we are looking for people to strengthen our team.

We believe in every one of us and look at everyone as equal. Communication is vital to bolstering our relationship between us and the customer. Resulting in unbeatable customer service and reliability.

We are more than happy to hear your story and discuss together your future possibilities!
More information about the recruitment you can find here: [Link here]

Podcast series

One step back-two steps forward 2K's Podcast

Take a step back and see what's good for you, what is it that you love the most? Achieving that will give you long-term greatness and success in your life. You will never have to "work" again. This episode is also available as a blog post: https://2ksprowritings.com/2021/07/30/one-step-back-two-steps-forward/
  1. One step back-two steps forward
  2. How to do Sales in this modern Era
  3. 10 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
  4. Marketing from Inside-Out
  5. Summary of an interview with a Marketing specialist

Our company’s very own Podcast episodes! Enjoy!

ElafosCyclingClub new website

The next project @2ksprowritings took was to create a website for a cycling club in Rhodes, Greece. I born and lived in Rhodes and this club was nearly all the parts of my life.

The club was looking for a “place” to lay its vision for everyone to see it.

Check out the website here: https://elafoscyclingclub.com/

The whole creation of the website was done by me (text, design) and with the needs and wants of the customer in mind the result exceeded the expectations. You already have propably noticed that the website is not in English but in Greek. Yes, I have the knowledge of creating persuasive, educative and informative text also in Greek.

In this point I would like to thank the cycling club in giving me this opportunity and together we will continue working together for the next chapters.

CC Performance website

Hi there, I am back to showcase a project I ran about a year ago meaning I finished with the website but didn’t have time to stay with it and work as a coach since the moving out to a different country. i haven’t talked about it but i am also a certified cycling coach with a couple years of experience and a father with multiple times that backing me.

However, I haven’t worked as a coach nearly 2 years now. I do love it but I think it is not for right now considering my current situation. This is considered a project of mine that falls underneath content writing, web copy and design.

Note, the work done in this website is completely mine although it is at an experimental level.


Feel free to check it out but bear in mind that I am more experienced now to create for you written contents for nearly everything and also you and I can work together to build a website for your big thing.